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vig: everything changes

A little vig in which Z'yi Gets The News.


Freakin' diplomacy...Collapse )

vig: the interlude

Who: Z'yi and Isforaith
When: Some very late night.
What: A brief interlude highlighting Z'yi's falling off the wagon, a surprising inner truth, and the obligatory snark from Raith.
(Read: Z'yi's player should never read the whole Harry Dresden series in one fell swoop~ random ideas for vigs are too enticing.)


<< You'll thank me in the morning. >>Collapse )

OOC: meme: Themesong.


Well, after much thought (or very little thought), I've decided that Isz's themesong really should be this, right here.


Simply because he should never be allowed to drink ever again ... but you know it's going to happen, and he's going to make an idiot of himself. Like make out with P'ax before Yyth goes up. Or hit on Madilla in front of W'chek. Or possibly make a pass at Teris ... in front of Meara. (Or Iskiveth.) Or cause K'del to have a heart-attack by trying to start a Political Uproar! Y'know.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it: find a song that fits some aspect of your character, and post it + a brief summary of why that song really *fits*. XD


L: Would'a been rough, not havin' a lung.

Who: Taikrin, Z'yi
When: Mid-afternoon. Uh, some random day. It was the 11th. You figure it out.
What: Freakin' mayhem like only these two would be capable of.

Uh huh. More log stealage. From [info]taikrin_nc! Epic.

One of us now.Collapse )


Who: Hattie, Z'yi
When: Dinnertime.
What: Dinnertime does not mean dinner, necessarily.

Log shamelessly stolen from [info]beyourownguide.

The dragon is always right ... for /them/.Collapse )

log: scavenger hunt

Who: Shad, Z'yi
When: Some afternoon.
What: Shad goes a'searching for arm-wrestling.


What, are you trying to break us in half before we get to the Sands?Collapse )


log: Rev + Isz = ....

Who: Two very bored dragonriders.
When: Some evening.
What: Said bored dragonriders are on missions from their respective, er, "bosses".

Good thing Pern doesn't have bowling...Collapse )

vig: if wishes were dragons

A brief snippet of everyday life.

It wouldn't kill you to be happy.Collapse )


WHAT: Everyone has Turnover surprises. Z'yi's... comes in an unexpected manner.


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And So It Begins--

A vig. It's sort of awkward, but it's a set-up for my next vig, so ya'll deal with me, y'hear? XD

Who: Z'yi, Snowdrift
What: ... you'll find out if you read it.


... 'nontraditional' = wtf'ery for Isz.Collapse )